Recycling Systems

Tower Recycling Systems will increase recycling rates

Tower's system is 100% enclosed, which means it's leak and spill proof, eliminating all the mess that comes from our competitors.

Our unique system has several features that allow it to be the most innovative product in waste management solutions.

Tower's automated chute-fed recycling systems uses ModBus technology, only having four wires, whereas our competitors use more than ten.

Tower's "Time Drop Identification" counts the time between each floor, while our competitors use sensor drop technology, causing problems and nasty backup in the trash chutes.

Installing a Tower Recycling System will increase you building's recycling rate, eliminating floor-to-floor recycling and saving you on labor costs. It's easy for tenants to use and will allow you to see and store operational data. The system is easily installed and gives management complete control over recycling and trash removal.

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